LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thousands of dollars were stolen from a high school soccer booster in Jeffersonville and the alleged victims say it's going to take years to make up for what was taken from them.

John Sumner, who was the treasurer of the booster club, is accused of stealing the money. He denies it, but he has made arrangements to turn himself in at the Clark County Courthouse Wednesday morning.

The Jeffersonville Lady Devils High School Soccer Booster operates independently from Jeffersonville High and according to police, the account was recently drained by the booster's former treasurer John Sumner.

Sumner is charged with two counts of theft and is believed to have stolen thousands of dollars from the booster club.

"Roughly, we would keep in there $3,000, $4,000," Jeffersonville girl's soccer coach Jason Crane said.

Jason Crane says at first they thought their team bank account had been hacked, but then they started checking bank statements.

"Sure enough, there was nothing left in the account," he said.

"I considered John a friend," booster club president Craig Harris said. "I definitely trusted him and was very surprised."

Craig Harris, the booster president, says when they narrowed it down to Sumner they confronted him about it.

"He responded back via email and confirmed there was money he had used and that he would resign immediately," Harris said.

They accepted his resignation and are pressing charges.

According to Harris, "It definitely set back the organization several years."

According to documents, Sumner admitted in a police interview in October to stealing the money.

"Our girls and our families worked really hard to raise those funds you know, car washes, donations from other people," coach Crane said.

In the police interview, Sumner said he used the money to make a house payment and to buy gas and food. But Crane says if Sumner was struggling financially, he never said anything about it.

"Never once did he come to us and say he was in need of anything," Crane explained.

They say in addition to draining the bank account, there's additional money unaccounted for.

"The cash that we made for concession sales," Crane said. "That was cash given to him to go deposit that was, quite frankly, never deposited."

The investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile, I've confirmed Sumner has been fired from his job at St. John Presbyterian Church in New Albany. My calls to his attorney have gone unanswered.

The booster club has started a go fund me relief page to make up for what was stolen, you can find it here.

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