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POV | Public Office No Place for Racist Bullies

If you've been watching WDRB News this week, you've undoubtedly had the displeasure of meeting Southeast Bullitt Fire Chief Julius Hatfield. In responding to reporter Valerie Chinn's questions about alleged mismanagement of his fire district, Hatfield blatantly revealed himself as an ignorant, racist bully by questioning whether the Asian-American Ms. Chinn could understand English and attempting to keep her and her microphone out of a public meeting.

But now we see that Mr. Hatfield's clash with Ms. Chinn wasn't just an isolated incident.  New video has surfaced that clearly documents the unequal treatment he gave two drivers – one white and one black – who were involved in an accident he responded to just two months ago.  Not only did he generously offer aid to the white driver while virtually ignoring his black counterpart, he gleefully used the N-word in describing the people he was supposedly there to help.

Mr. Hatfield may have connived his way into a position of public trust once. But thank goodness for people like Valerie Chinn for shining a light under the slimy rock he calls home.  If there's any justice in the world, this little pipsqueak emperor will be unceremoniously removed from the office he's soiled so badly.  And the people in his Bullitt County fire district will finally have someone in charge who's an asset to their community, rather than simply an ass.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.
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