LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A cap to keep the state gas tax from falling further, an increase in the cigarette tax and efforts to ensure Kentucky can pay for its share of expanded Medicaid are all among Greater Louisville Inc.'s legislative priorities for the 2015 session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

GLI, the metro chamber of commerce, is set to unveil its full list of priorities at its Elected Officials Appreciation Dinner tonight at the Louisville Marriott Downtown.

Earlier this month,
Kentucky officials announced the state gas tax would drop by almost 5 cents a gallon
 next year because it is linked to the wholesale price of gasoline, which has been falling.

The falling gas tax threatens the state's main source of money for highway projects.

Saying “businesses will benefit from a stabilized road fund,” GLI supports legislation that would ensure the tax couldn't fall any more than 10 percent in a single year, similar to how current law prevents the tax from rising more than 10 percent annually.

Other chamber priorities include Louisville Mayor Greg  Fischer's local-option sales tax, a statewide ban on smoking in indoor public places and workplaces and tweaking the formula by which the state divvies up road money to take lane mileage and usage into account, which would send a bigger share of funds to urban areas like Louisville.

Read the fill list of priorities here

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