CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) – The Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that Clarksville Town Judge Mickey Weber needs to resign following his drunk driving arrest earlier this year.

LMPD officers
arrested Weber on Jan. 16, 2014.

They stopped the 32-year-old on Lexington Road and say he admitted to having "too many beers from Headliners." Less than a mile from the bar, police say he hit two parked cars and a fence.

Court records show on March 28, Weber pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

The court suspended his driver's license and ordered him to complete an alcohol class and pay fines and court costs.

"My decision to resign was prior to the filing of the disciplinary complaint," Weber said.

As a Clarksville Town Judge, Weber regularly handles drunk driving cases and realizes he's in the wrong.

"It smacks of hypocrisy. It's one of the reasons why I think it's best for me to resign my position," he said.

Weber could not do an on camera interview, but told us by phone that the Supreme Court's punishment is fair.

"Obviously I'm ashamed and I regret my action,” he said. “It was both criminal and dangerous, and it does make people question the reliability of the court."

Clarksville Town Council President Bob Polston says Weber will step down next week.

"Any elected official is held to a higher standard," Polston said. “When we hear something that happens like that, it's tragic and we hate that anyone has to resign, and it is very rare that a public official has resigned in Clarksville."

As part of his discipline, the Indiana Supreme Court says Weber cannot serve as judge again until he completes an approved treatment plan and a two-year monitoring agreement.

Weber must also resign from the Clarksville Town Court.

“The staff and the court clerk and many members of the local bar have urged me not to resign. I've been very flattered and gratified by that, but I think ultimately this is the best decision for the town of Clarksville and for the court," Weber said.

Weber has to resign by Dec. 15 and it will become effective on Dec. 31.

Polston says another Democrat will be appointed to fill his seat until the next election.

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