RADCLIFF, Ky. (WDRB) -- An estimated 600 jobs will be coming to Radcliff along with a new grocery store, restaurants and more. The new $50 million development will give locals more options when it comes to shopping and entertainment.

The site is a big empty field right now but it will be transformed into one of the biggest developments that has come to Radcliff in years.

The 23,000 residents of Radcliff have few options when it comes to grocery shopping, even though they are located just next to Fort Knox.

"There's only one grocery store here now, there used to be three." Mayor-elect Mike Weaver has had a big part in planning this new development, while serving on the economic development board. 

"As I was campaigning for the job for mayor the one thing i heard over and over and over again was give us a place to shop, give us a place to get groceries other than going to the Walmart that's always crowded."

The new store will be a smaller, neighborhood Walmart with a gas station. The 22 acre site will also be home to a 90-room hotel, restaurants, medical plaza and 600 jobs. 

"The walmart neighborhood grocery is going to bring about 100 jobs. We're really interested in seeing this medical facility coming in, the medical will help bring good professional jobs in the area," said Mayor J.J. Duvall.

Duvall says a 240-unit upscale apartment complex will be built beyond the initial 22-acres. The Walmart will go up first, with construction set to begin in March. It should open in October or November of 2015. A movie theater may also land at the site. 

"There's a movie theater here now, but it isn't very large," said Weaver, "and it's been there a long time. We're talking an up to date, high class theater that will be better than anything that's in this area, and that will draw people from north, south east and west."

It is not just a new development for the area, but a whole new concept. "Not only could you work here, you can also shop and bring your family down for entertainment and restaurants," said Duvall. 

The entire project will be finished in three to five years.

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