LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – More concerns were voiced by the community over issues in Ferguson, Missouri, as a cousin of Michael Brown spoke in Louisville Thursday night.

“We have to use this as an eye opener, we can't let this happen again,” said Sabrina Webb, a relative of Michael Brown.

Webb recalled learning that her cousin was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson.

Speaking to a crowd of more than 100 people -- both young and old -- Webb describes why she relives the pain of losing her cousin.

“Change starts with us, with young people. If we keep going toward the violent ways, of course that's not gonna lead us anywhere but a destructive path,” said Webb.

Webb encourages peaceful protests, but says it's not always easy, especially when the protests exploded after officer Darren Wilson was cleared for Brown's death.

“All we can do is mold our young black children and our young white children and all people of all colors and races to stand up and stand firm,” Webb said.

Those in the audience agreed.

“It's such a touchy subject because you don't want to put a race card on it. We don't want to teach our children to not like the police, because at the end of the day our police are supposed to protect our children,” said Crystal Frillman.

The children in the audience were listening.

“What I just learned was kinda emotional, and I was sad a little bit,” said Isaac Tedford.

“We need to stop this mess,” added Tracey Wilson.

“Kids can stay off the street and help themselves but they just got to wanna do it,” said Byron Cox.

Despite some members of the crowd placing blame on race or police procedures, one mother offered a different solution for her children.

“Stand up for what they know in a positive way. I don't think there's anything that they can really do about this situation but I think, they can just stay out of trouble, stay in a safe place, know their rights,” said Frillman.

That's a message Webb hopes the rest of the country will also hear.

“Sometimes when you think too much with your heart, it tends to lead you down the wrong path. So if we balance everything out, then we'll be able to get our message out positively.”

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