LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The big heart of a Jeffersonville police officer and the generosity of strangers are still making an enormous impact on one man's life. We introduced you to assault victim Daniel White last month -- and watched while he received a hearing aid. Now, others who saw our report are stepping up to help a man they've never met.

You might remember how it all began: Daniel White was attacked and robbed in 2012, losing his hearing aid. Jeffersonville Police officer Justin Salisbury responded to the scene and formed a bond with White.

"He said, 'Do you mind if I help you out?' and I said, 'Sure!'" White said.

Salisbury started a GoFundMe page and strangers donated thousands of dollars for a hearing aid. Conn Hearing ended up donating it. But the generosity doesn't end there. Someone else saw our report and stepped up to help.

Deena Aburob told her mom, a dentist.

"When Mr. White was speaking, it just came into me, and I wanted to help," she said.

"She told me, 'Mama, we need to get involved and we need to do something," said Sana Aburob, Deena's mother. "And I really appreciate the police officer so much."

That brings us to this week, as Daniel White heads to the dentist to start the process of getting a new set of teeth.

"He deserves a good smile to build his self confidence so he can find a job," said Sana Aburob.

It will be a long process. Most of his teeth will have to be pulled and dentures made -- but Bright Smile Dental Care will pay for it all.

"I told my mom we need to help -- just spread the word and if she helps, other people can see us helping and it will start a chain reaction to help people in need," said Deena Aburob.

"I'm happy to have this done," White said. "And probably would not have done this otherwise."

Thursday was the first of many appointments to come. We'll keep up with Daniel White and let you know how he's doing.

The money raised from GoFundMe was given to him to help him get back on this feet, including getting an an apartment.

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