LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Horton's Hardware, a 20-year-old business was slated to close. The location on Dundee Road has been a hardware store since 1918. 

Now, Highlands Hardware is taking over Horton's Hardware.

After 20 years in business, Larry Horton announced Horton's Hardware was closing because of his health issues and he was looking for a buyer.

Enter Steve Barger and Mike Fleitz. They are the new owners and they're putting some of their own touches on this hardware store.

"We don't live too far from here," Barger said. "And again we'd always had an interest in a hardware store. I like tools. Two retired union carpenters, we said what the heck, let's take a look."

Fleitz says they have big plans for the store. "Get more in-depth in plumbing and electrical for contractors that come in and they need a specialty item that normally you can't get at the box stores, we carry it," he said.

"We're restocking," Barger added. "We're going to continue the lawn mower service and the window and screen business. We'll continue to make 5-800 keys a month."

The store will get a new layout soon. A full-time manager has been hired and five part-time retired folks will also help run the business.

A steady number of customers continue to come in appreciative of this small hardware store.

Fleitz says the transition has been good. "It was a whole lot easier than I imagined," Fleitz said. "He already had established customers that were coming. I can't even name the number of people who have come in and thanked us for leaving this open."

"We've lived in Strathmoor Village for 35 years," Barger said. "We can walk up here to Heine's or to the Kroger. We thought it was an opportunity to do something that we'd enjoy and would be good for the community. We've really got to help the small businesses."

The Horton's Hardware sign will be repainted to say Highlands Hardware once the weather is warmer.

Barger says The store plans to have a grand opening ceremony in January.

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