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Anti-police threats surface on Louisville social media

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After two NYPD officers were killed this past weekend, more threats against police have emerged, including in Louisville.

"What we've seen of course recently has been an overall demonizing of the entire police force across the country," said Sgt. Phil Russell, LMPD.

Three different threats have surfaced this week from three different people, all believed to be from Louisville. We've blocked out their names and all expletives.

One is similar to a post being shared on social media nationally with the quote, "I'm putting wings on pigs."

Another one from a woman shares a video and says "not a d*** cop deserves to live." It goes on to say, "Kill the cops. Kill them all."

The last one, posted on Twitter, mentions LMPD directly.

"It's something we're aware of and we certainly look for and we certainly appreciate tips we get from well-meaning citizens," said Russell.

Russell admits the posts are alarming.

"We are notified by the public oftentimes of threats, whether it's to an individual, or to a certain group, or whether it's to a school, so we'll continue to handle those whether they're geared directly at us, or if they're geared toward another individual, just like we would at any time," he explained.

But, he says, people have a First Amendment right.

"Certainly people have rights to express their opinion and certainly people have rights to express their frustrations and to oppose things, but when those cross the line into a criminal act, that's a different situation," he told WDRB.

He says police keep a close eye on anyone making threats.

"Sometimes you see things and you think, 'Boy, that's close.' I mean, maybe it's offensive, but that isn't necessarily a violation of the law," he said.

Russell says he feels police are being unfairly criticized as a whole for the actions of a few.

"I mean, we get into this job because we care about our community and we have a passion for serving and protecting the innocent," he said.

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