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POV | Stop all Enhanced Interrogation Techniques? Not so Fast.

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I am conflicted on the Senate CIA report on its Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. I would like to think that the United States really is the greatest nation on earth and I would like to believe that we behave like it. But it's impossible to behave like a gentleman when your attacker is taking a knife to your throat.

We are dealing with some of the most barbaric and ruthless enemies the world has ever seen. The Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS have no boundaries when it comes to slaughtering innocent people. If we would have had one of those animals in custody with information that could have prevented the murder of those 130 school children in Pakistan earlier this month, I would have sanctioned any means to get that information from him. I wouldn't be concerned with compassion.

Our enemies are not complying with the civilized rules of the Geneva Convention. If they were, then we should too. But these are people who gleefully slaughter children and brutally rape women, all in the name of a god they don't know. We can't reason with them any more than we could reason with a rabid, attacking pit pull. I don't support torture in the classic sense, but I do support Enhanced Interrogation Techniques if we can get information that will save innocent lives.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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