LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Cold rain is expected well into tomorrow with the potential for some slick roads.

But transportation officials would tell you they're breathing a sigh of relief because the conditions aren't as bad as they originally expected.

Still, salt is loaded onto trucks as the Indiana Department of Transportation prepares for the possibility of freezing rain.

Crews in Indiana were brining state roads Sunday afternoon. But with temperatures hovering just above freezing, rain was likely washing away all that hard work.

"You're going to lose your pre-treatment and then you're going to have that rain freezing on the roadway," Harry Maginity, media relations director for INDOT. "We're going to do our best with it but it's not an easy job tonight."

As preperations continued across Indiana, transportation officials had one thing on their side throughout the day - the cold kept moving farther north, a relief to road crews in Kentucky where pre-treatment was only taking place in Henry and Trimble County.

"All the rest of the counties in district five, which includes Jefferson County, those crews will come in at 4 a.m.," said Andrea Clifford from the Kentucky Department of Transportation. "They are going to be out on their routes and ready in case we get a change over from regular rain to freezing rain."

But as always, crews will be ready if ice starts to form before the morning hours.

"If we need to bring anybody in earlier, we will do so," Clifford said. "All of our crews know this time of year they could be called at a moments notice and have to head in."

With only one significant snow or ice event so far this winter, transportation workers are considering themselves lucky ... yet ready for anything.

"We've been fortunate so far to only have one day back in November ... in case something does come."

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