PARIS, France (WDRB) -- The surviving staff of Charlie Hebdo is making a statement with the cover of this week's magazine.

The defiant cover chosen by the magazine editors features a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed first issue since the terrorist attack at its offices last week.

The chosen cartoon shows Mohammed holding up a sign that says "Je Suis Charlie," the now-famous slogan that became a rallying cry after 12 people were killed at the magazine's offices on January 7. The cover illustration also includes the words "All is Forgiven" -- a message that is open to interpretation.

Liberation's news story about the cover said it was specifically meant to depict Mohammed -- a strict taboo within Islam. Many Muslims find depictions of the prophet to be deeply offensive, and there has been speculation that Wednesday's attackers were motivated in part by past Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

The new issue will be distributed to newsstands Wednesday morning. The first of three million copies -- up from an earlier estimate of one million -- have already arrived under heavy security at a distribution center in a Paris suburb. Charlie Hedbo typically prints about 60,000 copies.

Le Monde, the preeminent French newspaper, reported that the special issue will be printed in 16 languages; will be distributed in 25 countries; and will stay on sale for eight weeks.

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