JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Move over Spring Street, Jeffersonville is experiencing significant retail growth outside the downtown area.

In the last year, Jeffersonville has received a lot of attention for its downtown growth. With the opening of the Big Four Bridge, business appears to be booming along the main corridor. But there's also plenty of businesses relocating on the outskirts of town, attracting retail and housing along with it.

Two major areas of development include the River Ridge Commerce Park on highway 62, and a mile long stretch of Veteran's Parkway near I-65.

"For years, Veteran's Parkway in Jeffersonville has kind of been made fun of because everyone went to Clarksville," said Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore "There's a lot of valuable tax revenue to be gained for the city of Jeff from all this valuable property."

According to Jack Koetter, CEO of Koetter Construction, there are 150 acres of retail lots along Veteran's Parkway in Jeffersonville. Koetter owns a large portion of the land.

Koetter said there are seven to eight retail lots along that stretch of Veteran's Parkway, half of which he says are actively being developed.

Hardware super store Menards is expected to be open for business this spring, and Heine Brothers and Comfy Cow are soon to follow. Krispy Kreme, AT&T and Sherwin Williams are some of the other stores Koetter was willing to confirm.

And that development heads even further east to Highway 62, near the River Ridge Commerce Center.

"We are about 6 percent capacity of the land in River Ridge being utilized right now," said Jeffersonville mayor Mike Moore. "94 percent is still to go. We're going to be busy for a long, long time."

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