LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- UK Healthcare is celebrating what it calls a major breakthrough in the treatment of epilepsy.

In November, doctors at the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute became the first in the state to implant the Neuropace RNS System.

It's designed to help epileptics who don't respond to medication.

"This device actually listens to the brain and monitors brain activity, and when it detects signals in the brain that are abnormal, those types of signals that lead to seizure, it then provides stimulation to those areas of the brain, and prevents the seizure from happening or the seizure from spreading," Dr. Craig Van Horne explained in a press conference.

Patient Cheryl Castle of Lowmansville received the implant and says her life has completely changed because of it.

"My speech is a lot better -- I just can't get over that -- and, my seizures are a lot more mild," Castle said.

She also said she now has half as many seizures as she had before.

UK says its deep brain program is among the top ten in the nation for treating movement disorders.

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