LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – With swarming allegations centered around misuse of taxpayer funds, the Southeast Bullitt Fire Department Corporation is shaking up it's leadership.

During Tuesday's board meeting, it was announced that Chairman Milford Hatfield had resigned from his post earlier in the day. This comes after Milford Hatfield stormed out of Monday's Southeast Bullitt Fire Protection Board claiming he would resign.

“Milford Hatfield resigned from the fire department? He resigned from everything,” said board member and new Chairman Tom Leach during the meeting the fifty-minute meeting.

Most of the meeting was spent behind closed doors as board members discussed pending lawsuits filed against the board. Near the end of 2011, the Southeast Bullitt Fire Protection District and Shepherdsville reached an agreement on which department should charge which taxpayers for fire protection service.

“Right now the suits are set for trial on April 2nd in front of Judge Burress in the Bullitt Circuit court,” said Corporation Board attorney Jeff Freeman following the meeting.

Those lawsuits claim that Southeast Bullitt was double charging some residents in the area who were also paying for fire protection through the city of Shepherdsville.

Notably absent from Tuesday's meeting was board member and Southeast Bullitt Fire Department Chief Julius Hatfield. Hatfield is currently being investigated by several different agencies for his role in the alleged mishandling of taxpayer funds.

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