CARROLLTON, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police and a desperate mother are asking for your help finding a Carroll County man who hasn't been seen in months.

Ray Collier has been missing since mid September and both police and his family are struggling to find answers.

"Hey, will you stop by the house when you get a chance? I was wondering if possible I could talk to you. Thanks."

Caroyln Collier is saving that voicemail because it's the last time she heard her son's voice. He called her the morning he went missing.

"He left me a message that day to meet him at his apartment and when I went there, he wasn't there and no one has seen him since," Carolyn Collier told WDRB.

Missing posters with the 41-year-old's picture dot the Carrollton town square.

His mom says he worked at the Carrollton Inn and lived in a house across the street.

It's where she says he was last seen on Sept. 25.

She believes Ray could be in danger and did not leave willingly.

"His whole family is here," she said.

Carolyn also said Ray has a five year old son who asks where his dad is every day and prays for him every night.

Carrollton Police say the investigation is at a stand still.

"We have no leads. The leads that we get end up being no good," said Ofc. Tim Gividen, Carrollton PD.

Ofc. Gividen says detectives have pulled Ray's phone and financial records and search and rescue teams have been out looking for him -- and still nothing.

"There's people that are helping us out; state police, sheriff's office, there's actually a private investigator that's now involved," he said.

Police say Ray Collier is a convicted felon with a record dating back to 1996.

Police say he most recently served time at the Carroll County Detention Center -- just days before he disappeared.

"He got in a little bit of trouble. I think he has some drug history," said Ofc. Gividen.

Carolyn Collier believes someone in Carrollton is responsible for her son's disappearance.

"Yes he's been in trouble before and yes he has enemies and that's partially why I think something has happened to him. Son, if you're out there, please contact me," said Collier.

If you know where Ray Collier is, you're asked to call Carrollton Police or Kentucky State Police.

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