LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A jury has found former LMPD detective Chauncey Carthan not guilty of wanton endangerment, but guilty of DUI after about three hours of deliberation.

Instead of jail time Carthan was ordered to pay a $500 fine by April 15. 

Carthan was originally charged with wanton endangerment, official misconduct and DUI. The judge threw out the charge of official misconduct.

Carthan's Attorney Steve Schroering say the former detective is happy the trial is over but certainly still not happy about the events that led to the trial. 

"He is not pleased about anything that happened...it is an unfortunate thing that happened. He is certainly relieved that it's over and that the jury believed what he had to tell them but he's not pleased about any of it," Schroering said. 

Prosecutors on the other hand say Gough is disappointed in the jury's verdict.

"His words to me were something like 'how can a drunk...off duty police officer shoot someone that is unarmed and get away with it' and but, he said, I understand that you did everything that you can and it's in the citizens of Jefferson County's hands," said Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Nick Mudd. 

A gun in the hands of a drunk, off duty Metro Police officer. That's how the prosecution described a former detective during closing arguments before the trial was given to the jury.

Former Metro Police detective Chauncey Carthan was accused of shooting Ishmael Gough in the leg in September of 2012. 

Dashcam video captured the encounter.

Gough, who was 22 at the time, says he was just trying to go home when he noticed someone was following him. At first, he says he thought it may be a friend or someone trying to alert him. He was pulled over earlier in the day because his tail light was out.

On the witness stand this week, he described Carthan's behavior as aggressive, telling him he was a police officer while pointing a gun, and telling him to get on the ground, but never saying what Gough did wrong.

The case was given to the jury at 3:30 p.m., but first they heard some pretty inflammatory closing arguments.

"He was a drunk, off duty cop driving his taxpayer car with his taxpayer gun, going home," Assistant Commonwealth's attorney Nick Mudd said.

Carthan testified that he started following Gough because he suspected Gough had committed a crime -- but prosecutors say Carthan was drunk, never showed a badge and took the law into his own hands.

During closing arguments, the defense said Carthan pulled the trigger in self-defense because Gough reached for the gun. Carthan's defense pointed out that Gough admitted reaching for the former officers gun on several occasions.

"In each of those seven versions he gives, he is trying to take the gun out of this man's hand the second before he is shot. Carthan jerks it back, lowers it and shoots," Carthan's attorney Steve Schroering said.

Gough has also filed a civil lawsuit against Carthan and the city. 

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