LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The sheriff was shaking up cells in the Clark County Jail Friday, revealing illegal contraband authorities say criminals have been hiding right under officers' noses.

More than 500 inmates live at the Clark County Jail, but officers only focused on about 55 of them during this particular search: those with special privileges, who can move around the jail to make food or clean, for instance. They have easier access to spread contraband.

"If there's ever any kind of contraband that needs to be moved from one section to another, they're the only ones who have access to do so," said Det. Scottie Maples of the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

An inmate tipped The Clark County Sheriff's Department about potential drugs inside. Just last week, officers searched cells and found cell phones, synthetic marijuana and suboxone strips.

"Anywhere an inmate can hide something, they will, so we'll search everywhere we can," said Det. Maples.

Now, they are looking for more, with the help of a drug dog. It is a new aggressive approach, under new leadership, with Sheriff Jamie Noel. Anyone found with contraband will be charged and will lose any privileges.

"Before, we were not charging people criminally, on a regular basis," Det. Maples said. "If we found something. we were handling it on an internal write-up basis."

"We're here to make people better," Maples said. "We don't want anyone using drugs. Even drug users -- our job is to rehabilitate them."

It is now easier for the public to send in tips. All you need to do is log onto Facebook and find the Clark County Sheriff Indiana Facebook page, click on "message" and send in your tip.

Hours after it started, officers were still searching the jail. They have already turned up a cell phone and synthetic marijuana.

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