HENRYVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) – In the quiet community of Henryville, neighbors say the loudest sounds are the passing traffic of State Route 160. That was until Friday night when three people were arrested in a late-night drug raid at a home near Henryville Elementary School.

“Seen my neighbor on the ground with handcuffs and swat team around him with guns,” Randy Crofford told WDRB News.

His neighbor, David Zollman, as well as Brittany Coomer and Alexandria McCorkle, were all arrested.

“We received evidence that people were traveling as far as Indianapolis down to this house to receive crystal methamphetamine and then take it back to Indy to sell for themselves,” Det. Scottie Maples said.

A large table full of guns, knives, marijuana, meth, cash and stolen jewelry sit at the Clark County Sheriff's Office. It's the result of a planned drug bust a few weeks in the making. Detectives say what makes this drug bust so much worse is that it's so close to an elementary school, therefore charges were enhanced.

Zollman faces six felony charges and one misdemeanor. The two women who were visiting the home each face two misdemeanors.

When entering the house, police say the SWAT team was attacked by three aggressive dogs, allowing two of the suspects to make a run for it through the back door.

“The male subject was apprehended by our K-9 unit,” Maples said. “The female subject actually jumped the fence and briefly evaded us and then we found her hiding in some bushes.”

The remaining suspect was in the house with an infant and illegally carrying a handgun.

“Once we were in the house officers immediately noticed marijuana in plain view on a table along with a wad of cash and some scales where it looked like the deliberate dealing of marijuana,” Maples said.

Neighbors say suspicious activity was a common occurrence at that house and are relieved police have taken action.

The two women have been released from the Clark County Jail. Zollman remains on a $30,000 bond.

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