BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WDRB) -- The National Corvette Museum now has proof that its massive disaster has become a booming success.

It's hard to believe there was recently a thirty-foot-deep sinkhole in the Skydome, but now the National Corvette Museum is one big step closer to reopening the room.

“It's quite surreal to stand here today, knowing what's below our feet,” project manager Zach Massey said. He has been along for the ride since the start.

Crews are now removing the existing concrete, just days after they used remote controlled Bobcats to fill the hole with tons of crushed limestone.

Next, they'll work on strengthening and stabilizing the room, which Massey compares to a house on stilts.

But visitors hoping to understand the magnitude of the hole will still have that opportunity once the Skydome reopens.

“They ultimately decided to put a man hole down here so geologists could monitor what was going on down there but also as kind of a way of keeping the sinkhole here,” Corvette Museum marketing spokesperson Bob Bubnis said.

Although the museum decided to fill the hole in because of safety concerns and cost, the giant hole had become a giant tourist attraction.

“As people heard about this, they wanted to see it themselves,” Bubnis explained.

The museum reported its highest attendance numbers ever this year, with about 250,000 visitors.

The last time it came close to that number was in 1999.

But Museum officials don't think the now-filled-in hole will hurt business in 2015.

“We're getting to know these people and build relationships with a whole new group of people that didn't even know about us before,” said Bubnis.

They're hoping to have new footage to show the world soon.

Work on the Skydome should be finished by June or July, with the grand reopening a few months later.

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