I've never been one to casually argue for any new tax. Just like all of you, I like to keep as much of the money I earn as possible.

But consider for a moment the current abysmal state of Kentucky and Indiana's highways and bridges. Then imagine replacing those endless expanses of potholes and crumbling overpasses with what could be the crown jewels of the nation's highway systems.

That's what we in the Bluegrass and Hoosier states could potentially accomplish by implementing an additional, temporary tax on gasoline that would be put exclusively toward paying for the infrastructure overhaul that's so desperately needed in our respective states.

With current gas prices so incredibly low, now would be an ideal time to add, say, twenty-five cents to the cost of a gallon to pay for critically needed road and bridge repair. Since gas would still be extremely cheap compared to prices during the past decade, we'll likely never be better able to afford it. And mandating that such a tax would expire after a year would ensure that it wouldn't become just another open-ended cash grab that goes on for infinity.

As I said, I'm no fan of new taxes. But seeing what we could accomplish here with relatively little pain, this is one I could get behind.

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