LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Built in the 1960s, Mid City Mall is set to get a makeover that those behind renovations says is decades overdue.

"It was upgraded probably in the early [19]80s to the facade that's there," said architect Brent Girdler. "It's time for it to be updated."

Renderings show new metal awnings, a metal roof and brick exterior. The structure surrounding the main entrance of the building is also set to be removed.

Girdler told the Bardstown Road Overlay District Tuesday that through renovations, the owner hopes to attract more customers and new tenants.

Community and committee members attending the meeting said the $500,000 renovation plans don't go far enough.

"I'd sure look at something that's more dynamic," said Louisville resident Debra Richards Harlan regarding metal awnings. "This is lipstick on a very old pig."

One member suggested scraping the awnings all together saying, "I think the awnings [are] really not helping it, and its a lot of money spent for no reason."

Nonetheless, the committee approved the project, with the caveat that the architect would work with the committee to choose awning material.

The committee also expressed desire to see landscaping as part of renovations.

Owner of Mid City Mall, Sandy Metts, said she is focused on updating the front of the building, and any interior renovations will have to come after that.

"It's hard enough to get approval of one project," she said in a phone interview Tuesday.

Metts told WDRB that she has no plans to replace current tenants.

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