LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The garage is always closed and the doors are always locked after hours at Okolona Fire Station Number One. Despite those security measures, money kept going missing. 

Dorsey Powell, the Chairman of the Okolona Fire District Board, says they believed the suspect was someone very familiar with the building.

“It was a shock, I would have never dreamed it was him,” Powell told WDRB News.

He says video surveillance shows former firefighter Robb Sheffer caught in the act. According to the department website he had been with the station since 1990 and retired in 2012.

“Monday morning at 3 o'clock, somebody came in and bingo. We got him on camera taking the money, putting it in an envelope, sticking it in his pocket, and then leaving,” said Powell.

Monday's burglary wasn't the first time money had been stolen here. Cash had gone missing on two other occasions, which is why cameras were installed inside.

After the first burglary in October, cameras were set up -- just not in the right place.

“We had it in the hallway, to where we thought we'd pick up on somebody,” said Powell.

But they never did. 

It wasn't until after it happened for the second time that additional cameras were placed in an office. In total, $1,225 was stolen during the three burglaries according to police.

“He was stealing from other firefighters,” said Powell.

The money Sheffer took was meant for firefighters to buy groceries and keep at the station. It's still unclear how he broke in while everyone was sleeping.

“When he retired he either kept his key or somehow or another had a copy made off of it,” said Powell.

Powell says even more cameras will be added inside and outside the station.

As for Sheffer, he was arrested  and charged with three counts of burglary on Wednesday afternoon. According to the police report, he admitted to all three burglaries. He is expected in court Thursday morning.

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