LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Students, staff and alumni at Fern Creek Traditional High School are seeking to rename the school Fern Creek High School.

The request will be up for approval at Monday's Jefferson County Board of Education meeting, which will be held at 7 p.m. at Valley High School.

"For 74 of the 92 years the school has existed, traditional was not included in the school's name and does not accurately reflect our school," said principal Nate Meyer.

"This is two years in the making and was brought to our school's stakeholders to weigh in on their thoughts," Meyer said. "Our current students, staff, parents, community and alumni...are fully supportive of this move."

Here is the proposal, which is being submitted by Mike Raisor, chief operations officer for JCPS:

The administration, staff, students, Alumni Association, Parent Teacher School Association and School Based Decision Making council of Fern Creek Traditional High School request the name change to Fern Creek High School for the following reasons:

- The term Traditional does not align with our school's vision statements, which seeks innovation of our staff and students

- Our 5-Star Professional Career Themes of Communication/Media/Visual and Performing Arts does not fit traditional learning processes

- As a priority school with a high percentage of English as a Second Language and Exceptional Child Education students, traditional methods of teaching cannot be used to move all students to proficiency. Creative, authentic, and project-based learning approaches are necessary for students to be engaged with and apply content to standards

- The term Traditional can also label how schools handle student discipline measures. We feel that the accompaniment of our school's Student Response Team and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports reflects current best practices

- The term Traditional creates confusion in the community as we are not considered “traditional” by JCPS in the same manner that Louisville Male High School and Butler Traditional High School are

- Fern Creek does not currently have a school uniform policy

As reported last week,
the JCPS school board voted to experiment and start holding some of its regular meetings at schools

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