LA GRANGE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A DUI suspect is released from jail and goes straight to a massage therapy office.

La Grange Police say Russell Tindall took a purse from Greater Louisville Massage Therapy and tried to use a stolen credit card to get his car out of the impound lot.

Tindall was arrested and charged with DUI early Friday morning. He was stopped on First Street near I-71 in La Grange.

"He was, I believe, observed running a red light and was pulled over by one of our officers," said Officer Joe Wakefield, with La Grange Police.

Tindall's car was towed to K&S auto on Fourth Street. He was then taken to the Oldham County Jail and released several hours later, but instead of going home -- police say Tindall went to the massage parlor.

Officer Wakefield said, "Walked into a place of business on East Jefferson Street, noticed no one was around the welcome desk area, observed a purse laying there in plain sight."

"Even though the office was full, everybody was in session so no one had seen him do it," said Sarah Pendergest, owner of Greater Louisville Massage Therapy.

Pendergest said they never saw Tindall, but knew something was missing. "Immediately after the other therapist had come out of her session, she knew right away."

A call to the credit card company confirmed the purse had been stolen.

"They could -- you know -- tell right away where it was used," Pendergest said.

It didn't take La Grange Police long to make the connection.

"I was just really shocked on how well they handled it and were able to find the guy within hours," said Pendergest.

"From the time they got the call about the stolen purse, about an hour and a half," Wakefield explained.

Police say Tindall was caught red-handed and eventually confessed to the crime.

"I think at first he denied it, but then after he was caught with the purse there pretty much and, it was his vehicle that was, the credit card was used for to pay," said Wakefield.

Now, in addition to DUI, Tindall is also facing theft charges.

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