LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's illegal to buy beer in Louisville, at least in some neighborhoods. But one gas station worker wants to put old laws in voters' hands -- and he says his job depends on it.

Larry Miller opens the Rhythm Food Mart every morning. It's located at the corner of Stonestreet and Valley College Drive. He says the customers are loyal, yet unsatisfied, because of the one thing he can't stock on the store shelves.

"We have customers coming in here daily asking, 'Why y'all don't sell beer?'" Miller said.

"If everyone around them can, why can't they too?" asked Ronnie Madden, a customer. 

This gas station sits in a dry precinct, one of just a handful left in Louisville.

"It was news to me, because I've lived here all my life and I just assumed everyone around here could," Madden said.

Stonestreet is the line that divides this little dry nook. You can walk one block either way and watch the rules change. We saw it for ourselves. Walk just a short distance, and it's wet again and there's a beer cave at Stonestreet and Dixie.

This part of Valley Station used to only be residential. As businesses moved in, the liquor laws never changed.

"We decided to take action," Miller said.

Miller petitioned enough signatures to get a wet dry vote on a ballot for Feb. 3. It's only for Precinct A-128, with Valley Station voters deciding the fate for this one business. It's been tried once before, more than a decade ago.

"Several owners have had this business and without the beer...the revenue business can't survive," Miller said.

Larry Miller isn't just fighting for his boss, or his customers.

"There at a disadvantage here," Madden said.

He's fighting for his job.

Affected voters will get a notification card from the Jefferson County Clerk's office.

The wet/dry vote is scheduled for Tuesday February 3rd at the Southwest Regional Library.

Polls will be open from six a.m. to six p.m. at 9725 Dixie Highway.

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