CINCINNATI, Oh. (WDRB) --The second stop on WDRB's "College Tour" takes our crew to the Queen City. The 28th largest metropolitan area in the US. The home of the Reds and Bengals, Cincinnati.

The University of Cincinnati has 43,691 students from around the globe that have made the pretty campus their choice this year. Ask any student, and they'll tell you the reason they picked the school is because they're confident it will get them the type of job that will make them happy until they retire.

"It just felt right," UC Junior, Maggie Vetter said.

It's true, UC is in no shortage of accredited programs that suit students of any kind.If you're an artist, musically or otherwise, the College-- Conservatory of Music has you covered.

"We have 100 different major options that span the spectrum of the performing and media arts," faculty member, Curt Whitacre explained.

Music students work with the best of the best, composers, conductors, and performers who make the industry what it is today. Have aspirations of working on broadway? Set design, costume design, performance-- it's all covered here, and the past shows it's the type of program that's going to get you where you need to go.

"There's not a show on broadway that does not have a College-- Conservatory of Music touch on it," said Whitacre.

If saving lives is your thing, the university might be a good choice. Dummies serve as patients, and the C-Stars 12 day program allows medical students to perform real life medical procedures, and not in just a hospital, but an airplane simulator. It's just as if they're a medic flying a wounded soldier from overseas back home.

"We run them through several scenarios, with very critical patients," explained C-Stars instructor, Lt. Colonel Alan Guhlke.

On a lighter note, the other stuff you need to know about the campus:The mascot is a Bearcat, The rec center is award winning with a lazy river and rock climbing wall, the University has been rated by Forbes as one of the most beautiful, and you can find most students on Calhoun Street.

"Calhoun Street has a ton of fun stuff to do," said Vetter.

She's talking about the bagel shops, tattoo parlors, and a restaurant with the best burger in Cincy as voted by students, "Gilpins."Student life there is established, but there's more to come. The football stadium is getting a big makeover, and new dorms here will look more like nice hotels.

New steps to keep students from Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio enrolling.

"It's experience that you can't replicate. I'm going to miss it when I graduate, that's for sure," Vetter said.

So how much is school in Cincy going to cost?

Out-of-State tuition: $26 thousand a year.

In-state tuition:$11 thousand per year.

Students from Carroll County and Gallatin County in Kentucky who want to enroll in certain programs are eligible for in-state tuition, so are students from Jefferson, Scott, Floyd, Jennings, Clark, Harrison, and Washington counties in Indiana.

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