LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- Scott County School District Two plans to have an eLearning day on Feb. 16. Students will take their iPads or laptops home and turn in assignments online while teachers will be in their classrooms.

“Kids will learn virtually that day through a series of activities, lessons and assignments,” said SCSD2 Superintendent Marc Slaton. “So far the student reaction has been fairly positive to giving this a shot.”

Students have only missed one day this school year, but missed more than two weeks of school last year because of weather.

“It was really hard having sixteen snow days,” said eighth grader Isabella Myszak.

She likes the idea of eLearning. The school district is one-to-one, which means every student has some piece of technology.

“You can be at home, but you can still be working,” Myszak. “You're still learning even though you're not in the school building.”

But she questions how effective it will be for students who lack discipline.

“I'm wondering how it's gonna go for the kids who don't have the motivation to do work during school hours,” she said. “I mean if they have a hard time doing it then how are they gonna do it at home.”

Scottsburg Middle School Principal Kristin Nass isn't worried.

“I don't think that we'll have any new issues and, as a matter of a fact, when kids can control their schedules a little bit more and decide what time of day they'll work on their studies, I think they'll be a little more engaged than normal,” she said.

Nass calls February 16th a 'test pilot' for a real snow day.

“We do this type of thing every day so shifting to a home environment for emergency purposes just makes sense for us,” Nass said.

If students don't have internet, they can download the assignments at school to work on from home. And, teachers will have virtual office hours if students have any questions.

“Nothing replaces being face to face with a teacher, but at the same time, when mother nature does her thing and puts us where it's not safe to have school and physically run buses and bring kids in, this is a great option,” said SCSD2 Superintendent Marc Slaton.

Eighth grade science teacher Jeremy Zeigenbein thinks it will help keep his 8th graders on track.

“I think it's gonna be fantastic,” Zeigenbein said. “It allows us to just continue our normal daily educational process.”

After the eLearning day, the school plans to ask parents, students and staff members for feedback before using the technology for a real snow day.

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