LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There's a new sheriff in Clark County and he's cracking down on jail gang activity and contraband. Since taking office Jan. 1, Sheriff Jamey Noel has had several sweeps at the Clark County jail.

Today, eight inmates from the jail are facing new charges. Five of those inmates are charged with possessing contraband after police say they found cell phones. Three additional charges are for criminal gang activity and battery after police say an inmate was attacked.

Detective Scottie Maples says cell phones make it possible for inmates to coordinate drug activity, even while behind bars.

"It was actually a hit put out by his fellow gang members because due to him losing narcotics in the jail," Det. Maples said. "Losing the narcotics were due to investigations inside our jail. And, it was retaliation due the fact that he lost the narcotics in his possession."

Maples says when the phones are gone, the drugs will dry up.

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