LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- For many students across Jefferson County Public Schools, the 100th day of school calls for celebration, particularly among the district's youngest students.

Inside Heather Stone's classroom at Cochran Elementary School in Old Louisville, kindergartners were busy making necklaces out of Fruit Loops, decorating 100-day hats and counting out 100 pieces of food.

"For kindergartners, it's one of our major math standards, we've practiced the whole year counting to 100," said Stone. "It's a big deal for them, they've been in school for 100 days and they feel 100 days smarter."

Six-year-old Johnny Hill, says counting to 100 is "pretty easy" these days.

"Sometimes we do it by ones, tens, fives," he said.

Johnny said his favorite activity of the day was sorting all of the pieces of food into tens, which then had to equal 100.

"We get to eat the candy," he said.

With 100 days down, there are 77 more days left for JCPS students. 

The last day of school is May 28.

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