JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Jeffersonville Police have a new multimillion dollar building on 10th Street, but there's already a problem that will cost tens of thousands to fix.

"We weren't getting as strong of a signal as we've needed," said Chief Chris Grimm.

The department is having problems with cell phones and portable radios. The new headquarters is blocking some signals from getting into and out of the building.

Chief Grimm wants to install about six to eight antennas throughout the building. The lowest estimate was around $54,000.

"We had this issue with Clark County Hospital actually, we had this issue with Jeffersonville High School,” he said. “When our officers were there, like in the emergency room we had issues with our officers being able to transmit out. Well the hospital put this same type of system in the ER so when our officers are there, there is no issue."

Wednesday night, the Redevelopment Commission approved Grimm's request.

During the move in December the department switched to a state-wide radio system. The 35,000 square-foot building has thick concrete walls that can stop the signal. 

The new earth-friendly features and "green" aspects of the building are not helping.

"The added insulation and because of the specialized materials that are used in these buildings to keep them energy efficient, it drowns out a lot of those radio and cell phone frequencies from coming into the building," said Grimm.

But squad cars still have radios, the cell phones work outside and most officers are on the streets anyway -- so Grimm says there's been no threat to public safety. 

"We have landlines here in the building so we don't limit the work that goes on inside the building."

Chief Grimm plans to call a company Thursday morning with hopes of having everything finalized and installed in the next couple weeks.

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