LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If you have read the Bible this week, you have a lot of company in Louisville.

It seems there are many people in Louisville who pick up and read the Bible. A recent survey by the American Bible Society lists Louisville in the top 20 of the most Bible-minded cities in America.

Robin Wells says she began seriously reading her Bible in college. Now she leads a weekly Bible study, and begins every day in the scriptures.

"If I don't start that way, it's like my whole day falls apart," she said.

Wells is what the American Bible Society calls "Bible-minded," -- someone who reads the Bible at least once a week, and believes the Bible to be accurate.

"I'll read a passage, maybe two or three chapters in the morning, and then I'll have a time of prayer," said Wells.

The American Bible Society's 2015 survey ranks Louisville 17th on its list of 100 most Bible-minded cities.

"I think in the Louisville area, we are still very much blessed to have a huge number of churches that have a decided emphasis on scripture, and on studying the scripture," noted Chuck McAlister of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

John Smithson has owned the Christian Book Nook for 12 years. He's seen other types of books fade in popularity over time, but not the Bible.

"Bibles are something you hold on to. It's more than just a book, and so the sales of Bibles have actually, for us at least, grown while sales of some other areas have slipped," said Smithson.

There are three Kentucky cities in the survey's top 25; Lexington at 15 and Paducah at 23.

The most Bible-minded city in America is Birmingham, Alabama.

"We all need to do a better job," laughed McAlister.

There is one area in which Louisville did rank number one, and that is in the use of the American Bible Society's search engine, Bibles.org.

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