LEXINGTON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Police are searching for more than 40 guns they say were stolen from a home in Scott County, Indiana.

The elderly gentleman who lives at the residence says the suspects broke in through this window and stole his entire gun collection.

Elmer Hall says he's been collecting firearms since he was a teenager and now he's out tens of thousands of dollars.

"Probably $300 a piece anyway," he told WDRB.

The 74-year-old Scott County resident is retired and said he used the guns for target practice and hunting.

"I just hope I get them back," said Hall.

The Scott County Sheriff's Office is working the investigation.

Sheriff Dan McClain says this isn't the first time Elmer Hall's home has been burglarized.

"We had our first call out to that residence last month on December 20th with the theft of a handgun. Then about a week later, we had another theft out there for several rifles," he told WDRB.

Some of those guns have been recovered and three people were arrested for one of the burglaries, but Sheriff McClain says they aren't sure who is responsible for the most recent theft -- which means 44 stolen guns are missing.

"This number of weapons going out on the street is very worrisome for us because there are some large caliber weapons here with scopes on them. There are some large caliber hand guns with scopes on them. These are dangerous weapons out there on the street," he said.

They have serial numbers for the guns and the area pawn shops and gun dealers have been notified.

Sheriff McClain says they already have a few leads they're following.

"We hope they take us to some of these guns. We don't know if they'll take us back to the people who took the guns but we're working it backwards," he said.

If you know anything about the crime you're asked to call the Scott County Sheriff's Office at 812-752-8400 or the TIP line at 812-752-7898.

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