LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – As a reporter who covers Jefferson County Public Schools full time, I am charged with writing about the big stuff, like how the district
and how

But it's also my job to get to the stories that might otherwise go unnoticed – and despite how connected we are with social media – sometimes you just need to show up.

On Dec. 1, I made a commitment to visit 100 Schools in 100 Days – a chance to sit in classrooms, visit with students and school staff and see what is going on inside JCPS.

Some days, I visit more than one school. Other days I don't visit any. But by the last day of school on May 28, my goal is to have visited 100 different schools.

To be quite honest, I had no idea where this 100 Schools, 100 Days thing would go when I first started. Would I just tweet about it? Take lots of photos and post them to Instagram? Write a column?

The answer is: all of the above. I'm tweeting photos of each visit (
) and I am posting them on Instagram (
). You can use the hashtag #100Schools100Days to follow along.

I'm also going to write five columns about my visits that provide a short synopsis of each school I visited and at least one thing I learned while I was there (other things I learned may be used for a future story). If I (or one of my colleagues at WDRB) wrote a story about that school after my visit, there is also a link to that story.

Here we go, the First 20:

Westport Middle School
(8100 Westport Road) – Dec. 1 to visit the classrooms of two teachers (Paige Houston and Sharon Klump) who had
. In all, 52 JCPS teachers obtained certification this year.

Ballard High School
(6000 Brownsboro Road) – Dec. 8. While there, I wrote about

Jeffersontown High School
(9600 Old Six Mile Lane) – Dec. 11. I have not yet written any stories from this visit (other than one about

Louisville Male High School
(4409 Preston Highway) – Jan. 6. I wrote about how

Field Elementary School
(120 Sacred Heart Lane) – Jan. 8. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and Superintendent Donna Hargens
, after she was recently named Kentucky's Teacher of the Year.

duPont Manual High School
(120 W. Lee Street) – Jan 9. Visited several classrooms. I later wrote about how

Bowen Elementary School
(1601 Roosevelt Ave) – Jan 13. Visited several classrooms. We later wrote about how

Wilt Elementary School
(6700 Price Lane) – Jan. 14. Have not written a story yet, but WDRB meteorologist Jeremy Kappell and I visited the school's fourth graders during an assembly. I talked about being a reporter, while Jeremy talked to the kids about the difference between weather and climate.

Southern High School
(8620 Preston Highway) – Jan. 14. Visited the school to learn more about

Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary School
(1351 Payne Street) – Jan. 15. I wrote about

Wilder Elementary School
(1913 Herr Lane) – Jan. 16. Have not written a story yet, but learned that the school was the first elementary school in Kentucky to offer Chinese language instruction. More than 10 years later, Kitty Nadeau is still teaching the popular program.

Minors Lane Elementary School
(8510 Minors Lane) – Jan. 21. Was here to talk to officials about the difficulty of getting all children ready for kindergarten,

Tully Elementary School
(3300 College Drive) – Jan. 22. Was here to learn about how teachers are using a new online learning program to stay engaged with students, even when they are out for a snow day – or an extended break.

Noe Middle School
(121 W. Lee Street) – Jan. 23. Wanted to check in with
, and while there, I visited the school's visual arts magnet and saw many very talented kids.

Stuart Middle School
(4601 Valley Station Road) – Jan. 26. While here, I was able to see how the district's new “transition centers” are working.
, which are meant to help students coming back from an alternative school or extended absence.

Valley High School
(10200 Dixie Highway) – Jan. 26.
. Took an hour-long tour and learned more about its popular medical magnet program.

Goldsmith Elementary School
(3520 Goldsmith Lane) – Jan. 27. Visited here the day after
. Toured several classrooms, including one where fifth graders had become historical figures from the past and were teaching second-graders.

Cochran Elementary School
(500 W. Gaulbert Avenue) – Jan. 27. Visited here for the 100
Day of school, which I learned is a really big deal for kindergartners!

Atherton High School
(3000 Dundee Road) – Jan. 30. While visiting here, I learned about many different classes and programs. And I stumbled upon this story, which might be one my favorite stories I have ever written:

Meyzeek Middle School
(828 S. Jackson Street) – Feb. 3. While here for a visit, it was announced a student team from the school was one of
. Their winning app concept called, Log ‘N Lean, provides information and assistance for the requirements of the Kentucky driver education program. The school now gets a $20,000 grant and students will now work to develop the concept into a working app.

While it's important to cover the big issues in JCPS, I think it is an equally important to focus on some of the smaller things that are taking place in our schools each and every day.

I have 80 more schools to visit before May 28. Where should I go next?

Reporter Antoinette Konz has been an education reporter for 13 years and has been covering Jefferson County Public Schools since 2007. She can be reached at 502-585-0838 or @tkonz on Twitter.

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