LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bellarmine University hopes to use land inside Joe Creason Park for recreational fields, according to Metro Louisville officials.

The university owns a 14-acre parcel along the west side of the park, with the multi-use path crossing the university's property. As Metro Park's Director Marty Storch explains, most visitors likely don't realize how much of the park's north-end is actually Bellarmine property.

"Most people think we're in Creason Park," he said. "In reality -- at this point in time -- I'm on Bellarmine property."

Storch says the park's department hasn't entered into formal talks with Bellarmine, but they have been made aware of the university's interest in six acres of park land.

"I just know that they were looking at an area that is approximately six acres that would be about three multi-use athletic fields," says Storch.

Bellarmine spokesperson Jason Cissell would not discuss details of any plans for the Belknap neighborhood parcel, but did say the school's master plan includes ball fields on the property already owned by the university.

Storch said he is open to letting Bellarmine use land inside the park, but the city "is not selling or giving away property to Bellarmine University," adding that the park's department will only consider a deal with the school if the fields are open to public use.

"We're okay with something being shared use. If we can work it out," he said. "I think the city and the public would win if we could share some use and athletic fields and have it more formalized."

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