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Sheriff's office asked not to release graphic video in which police say LMPD officer beat wife

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say disturbing surveillance video shows an LMPD officer punching and kicking his wife, as well as a good Samaritan trying to help the victim.The video is graphic and at the victim's request officials are not releasing it, but detectives say the video will help their case.

"We can get statements and everybody has a different account of what happens, and the video usually never lies, and we have the video and we've submitted it to the prosecutor and they have an exact account of what happened according to this video view," said Detective Scottie Maples with the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

Officer Jonathan Osborne is charged with battery, criminal recklessness, and resisting law enforcement. The Clark County prosecutor says Osborne attacked his wife while she was driving Sunday night near Sellersburg, Indiana. She went off the road, hitting a tractor, a building, and ended up in a business parking lot. 

That is where surveillance video captures what happened next. Police say the video shows Osborne punching his wife in the face outside of the car. She is hit with such force she lands on her stomach.

A witness runs to help after seeing the woman kicked and repeatedly hit. The witness struggled with Osborne and held him until police arrived.

"Thankfully a good Samaritan stopped and helped subdue the subject until we arrived, at which time we placed him under arrest and we're very thankful he (the witness) was there and assisted the victim," said Maples.

The witness who stopped is Louis Mossey, 38, of Washington County, Ind. He says he was following the Osborne vehicle and stopped to help at what he believed at first to be a vehicle crash into a building.

"He threw a punch and punched her in the face. And she fell backwards, and I proceeded to get out of my truck to see, to make sure that it was not going to get any worse. The next thing I know, I saw him kick her in the face as she was on the ground," Mossey said.

Mossey says he tried to restrain Osborne, to keep him from further hitting and kicking his wife in the parking lot.

"He almost lifted me off the ground while I was trying to hold him down, so I know he wasn't giving up," Mossey said.

"I punched him and kneed him a couple times, I think, to keep him down. He eventually did relent. Once I pulled a little bit more on his arm, he stopped struggling and said, 'Okay, I'm not moving.'"

Mossey says he broke a wrist in the struggle. He's to visit a doctor Thursday to see if he requires surgery for it to heal properly.

He does not regret stopping to help. The sheriff's department written summary of the video says the incident lasted eight minutes from the crash until police arrived.

"When I saw a woman being manhandled and couldn't defend herself, I felt sorry for her," Mossey said.

Osborne's wife was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. Investigators say Osborne tried to spit on officers and say they had to secure his feet because he tried to kick out the window while being taken to jail.

Osborne is due back in court Thursday morning. His charges include three counts of battery and resisting law enforcement.

Clark County officials say they could not get a statement from Mr. Osborne the night of the incident because he was so "heavily intoxicated" and uncooperative in the investigation. Mrs. Osborne told officers they were leaving a Super Bowl party Sunday night when her husband became angry while she was driving.

LMPD says Osborne has been suspended without pay. 

Metro police released the following statement late Wednesday afternoon: 

“After reviewing the video of Officer Osborne's actions, which also led to his arrest in Clark County, Indiana, the Chief has determined to exercise his authority under KRS 15.520 and suspend Officer Osborne without pay pending the disposition of the charges.”

Mossey learned that Osborne is a police officer Monday afternoon, after friends saw a story on TV.

"It kind of hurt me a little bit to think that somebody of the law would be breaking it in that way," Mossey said.

Osborne's attorney, Bart Betteau, said on Monday that there is another side to the story; however, he could not be specific as he spoke in the hallway outside Osborne's initial court appearance.

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