LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kindred Healthcare says it has a “tentative agreement” for a “significant restaurant” on the first floor of its proposed 6-story office building on the Theater Square property off S. 4

which announced plans for the building and 300 to 500 additional jobs in December
, filed an application for the project with Louisville Metro Planning & Design Services on Tuesday.

The application shows spaces for two restaurants on the first floor of the building facing a “public square” that Kindred will design and build.

The primary restaurant space is 5,656 square feet with 162 seats, while a secondary space (1,358 square feet) could accommodate 78 people, according to the application.

The document does not say which restaurateur the company is talking to. Doug Curnutte, the Kindred official listed on the application, did not immediately return a call.

The application also details a proposed land swap between Metro government – which owns a parcel in the center of the property where the Louisville Clock sits – and Kindred. The company says the swap “does not favor either party” – each will end up with about the same amount of square footage as before.

Kindred will pay for the design and construction of a “new public square” on Metro property, which will be maintained by the city.

“The public square provides an intimate setting for visitors to sit and gather while connecting with the urban setting. The shade, plantings and water feature draw people to the public square, enlivening the space with energy and activity,” according to the application.

Kindred officials said in December that construction of the new building could begin this summer, and that it would take about two years.

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