Let's catch up on a few things since the first of the year.

Julius Hatfield finally resigned…again. That's good news. I just hope they accept his resignation quickly this time before he changes his mind again.

Meanwhile, U of L has invited a defensive end to join the team who was kicked off TCU's team because he assaulted his ex-girlfriend. Over the weekend a Louisville cop was accused of punching his wife in the face while she was driving. Here's a news bulletin -- and this isn't just for NFL players, OK? We don't hit women. The rule does apply to you. I don't care what your reason is because there is no reason.

The downtown bridges project looks like it will be completed by this time next year. Good for the construction crews, and us. No matter how smoothly this project is going, right now, traffic is often a hassle. I look forward to the day of improved traffic flow.

The Big Four Bridge is now lit up in a multitude of LED light combinations. It was funded with private money and I think it looks spectacular.

And finally, I'm not sure Cordish is a partner we can really depend on. They make a lot of promises but they haven't followed through on much, so I'm glad they're out of the Omni Hotel project. That means it will get done and it will be a welcome addition to our skyline.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.