LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Metro Police say they've taken heroin, crystal meth, guns and two dangerous drug dealers off the streets this week.

Detectives say some alert neighbors played a role in one of the arrests.

One of the arrests changed the traffic flow on Ashlawn Drive in south Louisville and neighbors say it's because the drug house is out of business.

"That's just another one we don't have to worry about," said Kevin Meredith, a neighborhood block watch member.

Wednesday night, LMPD's 3rd division flex unit arrested Robin Gaines on drug charges.

"I would say she is one of the main ones," Meredith said. "She has been caught several times."

Meredith is part of the south Louisville neighborhood block watch formed a few years ago to help police crack down on illegal drugs in the neighborhood.

"Cause there was a lot of activity in and out," said Meredith.

Police say Gaines is a well-known crystal meth dealer and detectives credit the block watch for her arrest.

"There's good people living in that neighborhood and obviously the quality of life at that particular residence and the people coming and going has made it unpleasant for the neighbors so they were definitely frustrated with the activity that was going on," said Sgt. Steve Bailey, with LMPD's 3rd Division Flex Unit.

Sgt. Bailey says inside the home they found illegal drugs, a scale and needles that were given to customers.

"She had traffic coming and going from her residence were people would come and buy drugs from her residence as well as her going to other locations and selling."

Police also arrested Michael Swoope Jr. in an unrelated case.

"He has been under investigation from some detectives for a while," Sgt. Bailey said.

Police say Swoope was arrested at a home on Rockaway Circle in south Louisville and inside, there was proof that he's a major player in the drug game.

"We found several grams of heroin packaged for sale, along with a large quantity of marijuana, prescription pills, couple of firearms and evidence for drug trafficking, including a drug press and vacuum sealer," said Sgt. Bailey.

Robin Gaines is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday morning and Michael Swoope Jr. will be in court too for a bond hearing.

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