LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A solution to a sidewalk problem in Fairdale will only take two weeks to finish and many who live in the area say the project is a big deal.

Without sidewalks, people walk on Mount Holly Road every day as cars zoom by them. 

"They're walking this white line here," resident Carol Avis explained, pointing to the white lines on the road. "I've seen people pushing children in strollers, kids from Coral Ridge Elementary school they walk to Fairdale and it's really not a safe area to be walking on the road."  

Avis lives on the busy road and enjoys walking, but to be safe, she takes an inconvenient detour. 

"I feel like I live right on Mt. Holly I should be able to utilize Mt Holly Road to get to Fairdale, to get to the grocery store, to get to the library. I like to walk," said Avis.

With more than $345,000 from the city, a sidewalk is going in on one side of the road. 

"School kids would be able to walk to school or ride their bike to school, safely. And if they're doing it now, it's very unsafe," said Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch has pushed for this project for five years.

A half-mile stretch will get a sidewalk and drainage improvements. Work has been going on for two weeks, and city officials celebrated Friday with a ceremonial groundbreaking. The project will be finished in another two weeks. There will be closures during construction.

"People do walk. There are those who don't have cars and they ride bicycles through here and that sort of thing and it's such a dangerous, narrow, windy road that I saw a need for that," said Welch. 

Welch says the sidewalk will provide a safe route to the school and to downtown Fairdale. The project makes walkers like Avis, happy. "It'll be a shorter walk, that's for sure!" she laughed.

Another upcoming project is a round about which will go in at a frustrating intersection in downtown Fairdale. 

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