LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Grabbing a 13-year-old, throwing him down, and threatening to put him in the trunk of his car. That's the story behind the latest boy to come forward who says he too was a victim of LMPD resource officer Jonathan Hardin.

It's the fifth complaint against officer Hardin.

“Officer Hardin again was involved in violent conduct toward a student, a 13-year-old student,” Attorney Thomas Clay told WDRB News.

Hardin was a school resource officer at Moore Middle School from December 2013 until the end of the school year. He is accused of violence along with making threats toward Luke Cornett, who was in 8th grade at the time.

“Grabbing me and throwing me down and giving me threats,” Cornett recalled.

This alleged abuse stems from an incident last year where Cornett was accused of turning the lights off in his classroom. Cornett says after Hardin put his hands on him he was mad and wanted to go home.

“He was gonna take me home but I had to ride inside of the trunk because I wasn't good enough to ride inside of his back seat, only his dog is,” Cornett said.

The 8th grader was never taken home by Hardin, but says the threat still scared him.

“My son actually called me at work and he was crying,” said Betty Fox.

Fox says she went to the school the day of the incident, where Hardin made even more threats.

“If he was gonna intimidate my son in front of me, then what would he do to him if I wasn't there?” said Fox.

Cornett's parents say they unsuccessfully reached out to the board of education and after complaining to LMPD, she says she received a letter saying no action would be taken.

Hardin has been charged criminally with abusing two students at Olmsted Academy North. Attorney Thomas Clay accuses Hardin of violent actions against four other boys, two of whom say they were also abused while part of the Gentleman's Academy -- a program for troubled youth.

“He's supposed to be there to promote a positive environment for these students and based on what's come to light so far, officer Hardin has a problem in this area,” said Clay.

On Friday morning Hardin pleaded not guilty to punching and chocking two students at Olmsted Academy North. Hardin was removed from that school on January 28, 2015 and has since been suspended without pay from LMPD.

LMPD and JCPS could not be reached for comment regarding this latest accusation.

Clay plans to file a motion next week to join all civil claims against Officer Hardin into one lawsuit.

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