LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Local consignment shop apparently went out of business and customers say they are still owed thousands of dollars. 

The store is JJ's Consignment shop in the Highlands.

Customers say one day the store was open for business -- and seemed to be doing well -- and the next day a sign posted in the door with a store full of empty racks.

The note says: "Store closed, end of season items donated as standard practice."

But Beckie Snyder says that's not the deal she agreed to, in fact, she says the store still owes her money.

"I came in about three weeks ago and Chad was working, her son and I asked him if he could check my books and he said sure and I had like $387 on there," Snyder explained.

Snyder says she was told to come back in a few days, but instead of a check, she got big surprise.

"So when I came back...all this area was just garbage bags full of things," said Snyder, pointing to the empty store.

While we were working on this story, several customers came and went.

"Just a bunch of purses that I've cleaned out of my closet that I have been saving for way too long," said Roxanne Lee, customer.

Roxanne Lee was planning to drop off some items and pick up a check.

"Cause I dropped some winter things off and I was just cleaning out my closet today and going through some spring things to bring over," she said.

The store is owned by Michelle Allen and her son Chad. We reached out to them by phone and Facebook, but so far no response. Several customers have also left messages on the store's Facebook page.

One such message reads: "Thanks for closing your doors with no payouts or return of merchandise."

"Did a lot of good business here," said Jennifer Rosenstein, a former employee.

Rosenstein is also a long-time customer.

"I had a long time relationship with the owner and her family and I mean, I was just caught off guard with it that she didn't contact anyone," said Rosenstein.

Since customers can't get answers from the owners, they've come up with a plan B.

"I'm going to make a police report and just go from there, yeah, I think something should be done," Beckie Snyder said.

While WDRB was still there, Metro Police showed up to take a report from customers.

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