LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Instead of doing homework, Metro Police say some juveniles were at work breaking into homes.

"They started occurring back in back in August," said Det. Kevin Peak, with LMPD's 4th Division.

Since August of last year, Metro Police have responded to burglaries at homes on Goss, Reutlinger and Lydia in the Germantown area -- and they all have the same MO.

Det. Peak explained, "It was going through the back door whether breaking a window, kicking in a back door but it was mainly gaining entry through the back of the house and ransacking."

After looking into several of the break ins, something alerted police that these were not your average burglaries. That's when they started looking at younger suspects.

"I was talking to a woman, her house had been broken into twice, and she said they just came in and they stole some like random stuff maybe some detergent and cat litter and just messed her house up and tossed everything everywhere. I was just like these have to be kids," said Peak.

A short time later, police zeroed in on the very young suspects.

"The age range, they went from nine-years-old to up to 16. We've tied them to twelve and we've also tied an adult in on a couple of 'em," explained Peak.

Detective Peak said the adult is David Wiegand.

"He has had a prior history in Germantown. We were trying to figure out where this property was going -- the electronics and stuff -- because they're kids."

Det. Peak also says in one of the break-ins the children were too small to carry the goods. 

"Yeah, they took a TV out of the house and they put it in the back yard because they carried it out of the house and it was too heavy to carry through the alley so they just left it in the back yard of the house," he said.

Police have charged the adult suspect with receiving stolen property.

They say there could also be more charges and more arrests down the road.

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