LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The Big Four Bridge lighting project has been in the works for almost three years and now the switch has finally been activated.

With a quick countdown, Mayor Greg Fischer and Waterfront Development Director David Karem lit Louisville's waterfront.

“It's a nice addition, people have been talking about for quite some time now to see all the hard work that went into and the team did a great job,” Fischer said after the lighting ceremony.

One of the members of that team is Matt Klasmeier, if you've seen the lights being tested over the past few weeks; he's been the one in charge.

“A lot of planning went into where the fixtures were going to be -- how the system was going to go together. There are 1,472 fixtures on the bridge,” Klasmeier explained.

All in all the installation and testing took about five months, but now that it's complete, Klasmeier's job is about done.

“It's pretty much self-automated at that point. There's a calendar of events that we can set up in the controller so it knows what day it is and we run this show,” he said.

That calendar is housed in a computer in a secret location near the bridge. From that point, the bridge's lights can be changed on a whim.

“We've got a central controller which has all of the -- we call them timelines in this case. We'll have something for Valentine's Day, something for Christmas,” said Klasmeier. “From that central controller we've got a network system, and we run fiber across the bridge.”

He says it can even be controlled remotely from any computer with the proper login.

“There's a computer program with a map of all 1,472 fixtures so you can sit and pick what color you want,” Klasmeier.

The project cost $2.1 million total. That's 3/4 of the cost was covered by private donations and the city covered the rest.

“That's a great public investment and we're going to be able to enjoy this bridge and I think it's wonderful,” Mayor Fischer said.

Now, the only question is what colors you might see and when.

“This is by far the neatest project I've been involved in just due to the scale,” Klasmeier said.

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