LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The second of two children shot by their father Tuesday in Paoli, Indiana has died, according to Indiana State police.

Police say Leon and his sister three-year-old Addison Randolph came downstairs as the parents were arguing and were shot by their father.

Gehl shot the two children and then shot himself. Jeremy Gehl was pronounced dead on scene and Addison Randolph was pronounced dead later that night at Kosair Children's Hospital.

According to the Jefferson County Coroner's office, Leon Gehl died Thursday as a result of his injuries.

Police had said the father shot Leon and Addison with a shotgun after injuring his wife Melissa Randolph with a knife.

There was another child in the home who was unharmed.

The Times-Mail in Bedford reports Gehl was living with the family in violation of a protective order that was filed in 2013. It was set to expire next week.

Second vigil in two days

Behind closed doors of Central Baptist Church, a community grieved Thursday night -- praying for strength after the shooting in Paoli now leaves three dead.

“A lot of times, times like these, people need to be around other people and know the community cares,” said Pastor John Hutcheson. “When children are involved, there's just a level of innocence.”

His church has a large children's program and is hoping to bring peace to many who knew Leon and Addison, despite never knowing them himself.

“There's a ton of children that go here and we know that it's affected the elementary school plus their cousins, so it's affected ever level of the education system,” said Hutcheson.

Paoli Community School Corporation Superintendent issues statement following the passing of student Leon Gehl

Almost 48 hours after losing a little sister he loved and adored, the passing of six-year-old Throop Elementary student, Leon Gehl, is terribly tragic and equally as sad. The loss will weigh heavy on the hearts and minds of family, friends, classmates, school staff and our community. Our condolences are offered to the family and friends of Leon and Addison as well as to the first responders and medical staff who provided loving care to all involved the last 48 hours. School professional, local mental health professionals and clergy will be available at school to support the emotional needs of our students and staff in the coming days and we wish to express our appreciation of all those individuals who have graciously given their time and have committed to doing so anytime needs arise. Please continue to keep all involved in your thoughts and prayers.

Casey Brewster
Superintendent of Schools

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