LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Preservation Louisville focuses on historic buildings but the non-profit is using social media to spread the love this Valentine's Day weekend.

Volunteers with the non-profit are hosting an event called "heart bombing."

"We're trying to get people to come out this Saturday and celebrate Valentines Day with us," said Marianne Zickuhr, executive director of Preservation Louisville.

Heart bombing is a national movement where residents gather together to shower historic buildings with paper hearts.

Zickuhr says the goal is to make everyone take notice of the historic buildings in their communities.

"It's not just the big beautiful mansions in Old Louisville. It's just like the little shotgun house we're going to be in front of," Zickuhr said.

Preservation Louisville will be at a vacant shotgun house on Lytle Street in the Portland neighborhood Saturday afternoon from 3-4 p.m., but if you can't make it to the event, you can join in online.

"We're asking people to go out in their neighborhood, find an old building they love, take a selfie with it, use our hashtags," said Zickuhr.

For the event, the hashtag is #HeartBombLou2015.

Zickuhr says social media has become part of her every day work life.

"Using social media and being able to share those stories is very integral to our success," she told WDRB.

Another example of that can be found at the Margaret Bridwell Art Library at the University of Louisville.

The staff there doesn't just want patrons to view its exhibit on self-portraits, they want guests to actually be part of it.

"We'd really like it if people would share images of their own favorite books or bookshelves. They can either choose to be in the photo or just show the books themselves," said Sarah Carter, director of the library.

They've dubbed it the "shelfie."

Carter says it's an easy way to connect with new audiences.

"We have a Pinterest account, a twitter, a Facebook and an Instagram so we're really excited to connect with the city of Louisville on those accounts," she said.

The shelfie exhibit is open now at the U of L art library. For more information on the heart bombing event, click here.

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