LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Moving day is underway at the Louisville Metro EMS location on South Brook Street.

“This houses all the supplies for EMS,” said Lt. Col. Lee Dennison, with Louisville Metro EMS. The facility houses some ambulances too.

On Thursday afternoon, the facility -- which served as the largest hub for EMS for decades -- was being emptied out.

In the past, the building has also housed Louisville Fire and dispatchers. 

Officials had a challenge on their hands while moving since they work around the clock.

“To move this hub to the new location without affecting services that we provide to the community, because we still have to get ambulances out and still have to make 911 calls,” said Lt. Col. Dennison of the challenge.

EMS officials say it was a needed change that had to happen.

“You can tell there's a lot of wear and tear, so the new building looks a lot better,” said Lt. Col. Dennison.

Crews are now moving to a new location along East Broadway in downtown Louisville.

“We were centrally located down by the old U of L campus and now we're more- in the downtown hospital zone. It gives us a great opportunity, not only to change shifts, but to deploy our trucks as needed,” said Mike Simpson, the Supply Supervisor.

The new facility will house some ambulances and supplies.

Next door, there's an old bank that is being turned into a CPR center, and education and training facility.

The hope is to eventually move EMS Headquarters nearby, which officials say would be an asset.

“It allows them to manage better. It allows us to communicate better, so its a golden opportunity,” Simpson said.

As the move continues this week, there's also a question EMS crews are hoping to answer regarding their former facility.

They've been told about a hidden time capsule inside. Before they completely move out, they want to find it.

“If someone contacts us and lets us know what the location is, we'll be more than happy to try to get things set up to where we can get it,” said Lt. Col. Dennison.

After EMS officials have completely moved out of the South Brook Street location, it is expected to be torn down.

We're told the buyer who purchased the facility is interested in building student housing.

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