LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A long-term ramp closure in Downtown Louisville is scheduled to begin tomorrow, as work continues on the Downtown Crossing portion of the Ohio River Bridges Project.

The ramp from I-65 North to I-64 West is scheduled to close tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 16. The ramp is expected to close before the morning commute.

"What's going to happen during the closure is, the ramp will be going away. We will close the ramp, demolish the old and build the new," said Mindy Peterson, spokeswoman for the Downtown Crossing.

The closure is expected to last about four months, with the ramp scheduled to reopen in mid-June.

During the closure, the ramp will be demolished and rebuilt to link to three new overpasses under construction. The work is part of the reconstruction of the Kennedy Interchange.

The single-lane ramp carries around 10,000 vehicles each day. During the peak hour in morning drive, the ramp carries around 400 vehicles and during the peak afternoon hour, it carries around 1,200 vehicles.

There will be a posted detour. The suggested detour for drivers traveling north on I-65 will be I-264 to I-64. 

With the project moving quickly, some like Warren McKeithan are hoping the closures will too.

"Traffic will be congested or what-not, everybody trying to get home, so it's gonna make the commute a little longer," said Warren McKeithan, a Louisville resident.

Peterson says with more long-term closures expected in the next year on other ramps, she's hoping drivers will take notice now.

"And we'll have traffic on that bridge in less than a year from now, so things are moving very, very quickly," Peterson said.

A list of planned closures from the Ohio River Bridges Project

Closures  Timing Planned Duration
Ramp from I-64 East to I-65 South      July 2013-mid 2016 1,000 days
Ramp from I-65 North to       Feb. 2015-June 2015  122 days
I-64 West
Ramp from Liberty Street to I-65 North      Mid 2015-mid 2016 134 days
Ramp from I-65 South to  January 2016-August 2016  82 days
I-64 West
Ramp from I-65 South to February 2016-August 2016 195 days
 I-64 East/I-71 North
Ramp from Muhammad Ali Blvd. to I-65 North   Spring 2016-mid 2016 82 days
Ramp from I-64 East to    Spring 2016-late 2016 258 days
I-65 North

Ramp from Court Avenue to I-65 South

Spring 2016-mid 2016 75 days

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