LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky State Police, along with six other agencies, gathered this week to simultaneously serve warrants in several Kentucky cities.

Their target? Alleged drug dealers.

"We were able to locate 34 different targets that had sold illegal narcotics to undercover informants,” said Trooper Mitchel Hazelett with Kentucky State Police.

Hazelett says the roundup resulted in 34 indictments, and so far, 32 arrests.

"They're all in for trafficking a controlled substance. Some in first degree. Some in second. Some first offense and some subsequent offenses,” he told WDRB.

Officers found opiates, meth, heroin, cocaine, guns and money at homes in several different counties.

Trooper Hazelett says many of the suspects have been working together.

"They all know each other somehow."

Law enforcement officials hope this will put a stop to their drug trade.

"Hopefully it keeps them cognizant that we are out there and they never know who they're selling to or what they're doing, so hopefully that will deter them from doing it in the future," he said.

Hazelett says this roundup was significant because of its size, but also because it's a step in the direction of tackling Kentucky's drug problem.

"We have many, many, many overdoses already this year," he said. "If we can't get you in jail and can't get you help, we can at least educate the public on how big of an epidemic it is, not just here but everywhere in Kentucky."

Officials say all the suspects will be tried separately.

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