LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Kentucky Department of Revenue has again begun processing electronically filed tax returns after briefly halting the process this month.

Many states encountered the same issue, which was reported across the nation.

Officials say Kentucky's processing schedule has now returned to normal.

“We worked closely with Intuit to identify returns that were suspicious based on similar patterns and additional screening criteria,” said Tom Miller, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Revenue.”

In a release Friday afternoon, officials said the department had been working with Intuit to identify suspicious returns and had found about 300 of them.

According to the release, about 50 of those returns reviewed were identified as fraudulent, with less than $6,000 being refunded.

The department is working to get the money back and sending letters to affected taxpayers encouraging them to contact the Department of Revenue Taxpayer Assistance line at 502-564-4581.

You may also want to contact the IRS to determine if any activity has impacted their federal return.

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